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Natural yeast for Bread

We are an agent of Ako Tennen Koubo Ltd. (AKO Natural Yeast)
We export the products mainly to Taiwan. Before launching the exports, we went to Taiwan together with the staff of Ako Natural Yeast to provide bread-making workshops using Ako natural cultured yeast. Ako natural cultured yeast is recognized in the Taiwan market.

Natural taste, Natural flavor

The essence of bread is on the flour.
The flour is the responsible for the taste.
Ako natural cultured yeast has “ Umami”, the sixth kind of taste, and has no artificial flavours like that of Miso and Soy sauce by an enzyme.


It has “the pure flavour of flour”.
Only when you taste and feel such things, can you prove that they are “ fermented food “ Ako Natural Cultured Yeast will lead you to the real world of bread !

Natural taste, Natural flavor


  • Ako Natural Cultured Yeast (Light type)
  • Ako Natural Cultured Yeast (Strong type)
  • Yeast of Ishiwarizakura (rock-breaking cherry)
    (Seasonal product)