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TF Corporation is a trading company that imports and exports various food-related products from food flavors, additives, food materials and packaging materials. We make optimal proposals to our customers based on our extensive information and networks. Our services focused on promptness and courteous responses have gained a lot of support from our customers. In addition to domestic sales, we provide high quality and safe products by utilizing our strong network in South Korea, Taiwan, China, America and Southeast Asia.


We have received many compliments from our customers such as, “We can do business with a piece of mind because it is with TF.” Compliments like this are our pride because we treasure each meeting with our customers and have responded to them promptly and sincerely for the past 28 years.



Strong international network

Due to the economic development of emerging countries and the population increase mainly in developing countries, the world food market continues to expand beyond the Japanese market.

However, we have a strong relationship of trust with each country such as Korea, Taiwan, China, America and Southeast Asia. In recent years, we have started to have a cooperative relationship with Southeast Asia, and already have begun handling of Halal certified food additives.

Reliable information and suggestion
to get "trend" about food

We will propose from various angles speedy, because our company have got the trend about food by the network that built up in the result of 28 years.

Also if there is customer's request, we are developing products together with manufacturers.



Provide safe and high quality

In order to continue providing high quality products to customers,
our advisers with expertise support inquiries regarding quality.